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06e35e7I am a Certified Money Breakthrough Method® Coach. In my coaching programs I work with entrepreneurs, service based business owners, and motivated women who are interested in becoming financially independent. I teach them how to get back into integrity with their finances, how to charge what they are worth, how to make more money, and how to keep more of what they make. Financial worries are stressful and that stress impacts so many areas or our life – our self-worth, our confidence and self-esteem, our relationships with others, our work, our health, and our general emotional well-being, not to mention our overall quality of life. I work with clients who want to release and eliminate financial stress and who are ready to move rapidly toward financial independence and a healthy relationship with money.

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    As a Result of Working with Lori:

    I felt energized, inspired, encouraged, and challenged. Lori encouraged me and held me accountable. Having that accountability partner really helped me to make dramatic progress toward my business goals.-
    My business has grown and I still have the time I want to spend with my family and on my personal interests. Lori provided me with a number of tangible tools and resources that I use to keep myself on track.-
    I have gotten really clear about money. I have put boundaries in place, have reduced my debt significantly, and have converted from being an impulsive spender to a conscious spender.-
    I actually charge what I am worth for my business services. This one simple shift has improved my cash flow dramatically and has significantly improved the financial health of my business. -

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