Financial Breakthrough Coaching

Are you feeling like your financial instability is preventing you from living the life you truly want?

Do you feel like you work hard, but just are not able to make and keep the amount of money that you want?

Isn’t it time to release your outdated money fears, create new money beliefs, and break free of your “glass money ceiling” so you can earn more, keep more and create YOUR financial freedom?

Results that last

As a result of Money Breakthrough Method® Coaching, you will feel empowered, brave, powerful, courageous and clear about money.   With Money Breakthrough Method® Coaching you will have what you want, more money and the freedom that comes with it.

Getting Clear

What if you got clear on how you actually wanted to feel about money? Then you consciously chose a new approach to making more money, keeping and spending consciously and even just being able to talk about it in a way that felt natural, simple and most of all, doable. What if your new money consciousness and the skills that back it up became the grounding, positive influence for you enriching your life?

You know what will happen with this kind of inner clarity and outer skills? You will feel the way you really want to feel about money. You will make decisions easier. You will be more positive. You will feel a surge in your self-worth, and you will see an increase in your net worth.

Common Blocks to Growth

Tough Money Conversations

You feel tense, anxious or even fearful when having money conversations with your significant other, family, clients, the bank, or whoever. You want to feel confident, at ease, and empowered when having money conversations.


We'll get through it!

We'll get through it!

You will learn to talk about money in an open-hearted, direct, and productive way, as a result you will be able to have confident and empowered money conversations.


You have things you’re passionate about accomplishing in your life – starting or growing a business, paying off your mortgage, paying off debt, sending your kid to an amazing college, but you are unclear how to make this happen given your current income and money habits.


It's Closer Than You Think

It's Closer Than You Think

You will uncover sneaky self-sabotaging money behaviors and learn what to do to create new money habits you will embrace and love, as a result you will have more money for the people, experiences and goodies you want in your life.

Old, Tired Perspective

You need clarity, a new perspective and a plan for doing something to get yourself unstuck from the pesky money issues that are holding you back in your business or in your personal life.


Clarity Will Come

Clarity Will Come

You will discover step-by-step what you can do to earn, save, and spend consciously.  You will learn 3 empowering principles that will put your finger firmly on the pulse of money in your business.

I’m here for you

06e35e7I am a Certified Money Breakthrough Method® Coach. In my coaching programs I work with entrepreneurs, service based business owners, and motivated women who are interested in becoming financially independent. I teach them how to get back into integrity with their finances, how to charge what they are worth, how to make more money, and how to keep more of what they make. Financial worries are stressful and that stress impacts so many areas or our life – our self-worth, our confidence and self-esteem, our relationships with others, our work, our health, and our general emotional well-being, not to mention our overall quality of life. I work with clients who want to release and eliminate financial stress and who are ready to move rapidly toward financial independence and a healthy relationship with money.

I have been financially independent since I left home and became responsible for supporting myself at the age of 17. My financial journey includes putting myself through college, working in corporate America for eighteen years, leaving a high profile, high income corporate job to become a self-employed coach and consultant, purchasing, growing, and selling a Money-Breakthrough-Method-Certified-Coach-Trainingproperty management business, being married for twenty years and having three awesome children, getting divorced, giving up more than half of my financial net worth while being solely responsible financially and otherwise for those three awesome children, and picking up and moving from my safe life in Virginia to my dream life in Colorado.

I love the breakthrough work I do with my clients integrating practical strategies for financial success with personal growth.

If you are looking to breakthrough your financial glass ceiling I would be honored to support you in your growth and transformation.

The Journey Starts Now

Take empowered confident action for change. Things can change in an instant and you deserve to have that change now.

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