Are you tired of working in a corporate job where:


  • You work long hours for barely adequate pay
  • You are subject to constant organizational change and downsizing
  • You have little or no control over your work
  • You regularly have to give up personal and family time to respond to work demands

Would you like to trade in your corporate job for a business you are passionate about or a fulfilling position with a small company, but are hesitant to do it because:


  • You are saddled with debt
  • You are concerned about what other people will think
  • You are overwhelmed with the thought of figuring out how to make a change
  • You don’t know what you would do if you left your corporate job

How awesome would it be for you if you made that transition and:

  • You were doing work that you love and are passionate about
  • You were making the kind of money you know you are worth
  • You had the work life balance that is so important to you

Ready for a change?

In my coaching programs I work with individuals who want to transition out of working for big corporations. I empower them to overcome their hesitancy by helping them to discard limiting thoughts, assess options, and develop a transition plan so that they can confidently move to work that they love, work that provides them with the income they deserve, and work that creates the life balance that they want.

Through my coaching programs I am there supporting, pushing, encouraging, and celebrating you throughout the process. As a corporate refugee myself, I am uniquely qualified to guide you on this journey and it would be joyful for me to be your partner through this transition.

Paralysis is your enemy.
Take empowered, confident action that will move you toward your goals.

Use the form below to register for your complimentary Strategy Session ($227 Value).  We will contact you to schedule your session.

During your 30-minute session we will:

  • Complete 1 enlightening activity, designed to help you consider possibilities
  • Review 5 easy , actionable steps for considering options and taking empowered and confident action that will propel you toward your dreams
  • You will leave the session inspired and clear about how to take action for change

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