What My Clients Are Saying …

I easily generated an additional $70K in revenue as a result of working with Lori and have a much better handle on my financial empire. Additionally, I feel more confident and competent in how I build a life and business that really serves me — not the other way around. As Lori says, “No more yucky work!” and “Always be at choice.” I feel like both of those things are true for me now thanks to Lori’s extraordinary support, coaching, and advising. She cares deeply about my success.
Danny Ceballos, PresidentUnleashed Consulting, LLC
I highly recommend Lori as a coach. She will help you reach your vision and goals. She will facilitate your learning and growing from the experience as well as being your best self and staying true to your purpose. Lori is passionate and determined in doing this, and you will feel empowered to make it happen … and you will! 
Mary Fineis, Founder and OwnerGame Changer Coaching
I worked with Lori because of her experience in sales and in the corporate setting. I felt she could relate and help me get results quicker because of her past experience. Lori has a wide range of knowledge and with that, she has a softness to her that is encouraging yet also helps you to put your overwhelm at ease by breaking things down into easily digestible steps.  
Tina Asher, President and OwnerBuild U Up Consulting
My coaching and transformational experience while coaching with Lori was incredible.  

Lori has a particular way of coaching that is upbeat, positive and inspiring. She partners with you in a way that allows you to explore and brainstorm ideas but also guides you in ways to take actions you may not have thought of before.

She has the experience and expertise to get you where you want to go and take your business to new heights! 

Elizabeth BesseyEB Professional Coaching
If you want someone to advise and coach you in a very practical, hands-on way — from someone who understands what it’s like to attract corporate clients and build on corporate client relationships — then Lori is for you. Ask her to hold you accountable and watch what happens. You’ll be amazed at the results.
Danny Ceballos, PresidentUnleashed Consulting, LLC
I was in the research & start-up phase of a new aspect of my business, with a huge personal commitment project as my top priority. Lori made sure my goals included the personal project as #1 – but didn’t let me off the hook on the steps needed to get the new endeavor off the ground and rolling. I hit EVERY goal. Personally, she helped me see I could keep my priorities with aggressive goals and yet stop and celebrate to really feel the accomplishments.
Holly Bailey, Chief Operating OfficerBailey Engineering Corporation