Financial health is important.

Money is such an important part of life. You need it for all the essentials to live – to eat, buy clothing have a roof over your head, medical care, recreation and more. It also plays an important part in your future plans. You have dreams you want to fulfill, and money is probably going to be needed in order to make those dreams come true.

Why is it so difficult for so many to make ends meet from month to month? Why do business owners work so hard, but don’t seem to have the revenue to pay themselves a consistent salary or to invest in their business? Why does there never seem to be enough money to cover our needs and wants?

Well, part of the reason financial health eludes so many people is that they don’t pay attention to it. They think they do, but really the don’t, or at least they don’t pay enough attention to it. They are not self aware about their relationship with money or about their earning and spending habits.

In this Self-Study program you will:

  • Get the pulse on your current financial situation – how many comes and goes in your life
  • Get clear on what you want for your financial future — your why
  • Identify the emotions that drive your spending and saving patterns
  • Identify blocks that are getting in the way of the financial future that you want
  • Get a plan for moving past those blocks

Completing this self-study module will have you way ahead in paying attention to money in the right way, so that you move rapidly toward your financial goals and long term financial health.

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