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Financial Breakthrough

Isn’t it time to release your outdated money fears, create new money beliefs, and break free of your “glass money ceiling” so you can earn more, keep more and create YOUR financial freedom?


Business Success System

Wouldn’t it be satisfying to have growing and consistent revenue in your business and a process for effortlessly increasing your revenue on an ongoing basis?


Corporate Transition

How awesome would it be to have a transition plan in place that facilitates your move to work that you love – work that provides the income you deserve and the balanced life that you crave?


I am fiercely committed to guiding entrepreneurs, service based business owners, and motivated women to get off the money roller coaster, to stop settling for mediocre business results, and to eliminate self-sabotaging money behaviors, so they can achieve financial freedom, sustain and grow successful businesses, live balanced lives and pursue their dreams.

I am in the business of empowering people to take action for change and growth in their lives, careers, and businesses, while providing them with tangible, specific tools and support to propel them forward.

  • Passion and motivation
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Courageous action
  • Determination and persistence
  • Having a vision or a dream and going for it
  • Empowering prosperity and success in others

All things are possible. We are empowered to make big choices in our lives. We are empowered to live the life we want, to dream big, and to achieve those dreams.

I am living my dream and inspiring and guiding other entrepreneurs, service based business owners, and motivated women to achieve and live theirs.

If you are ready to take bold, courageous action to achieve your goals and dreams, I would love to connect with you.

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As a Result of Working with Lori:

I felt energized, inspired, encouraged, and challenged. Lori encouraged me and held me accountable. Having that accountability partner really helped me to make dramatic progress toward my business goals.-
My business has grown and I still have the time I want to spend with my family and on my personal interests. Lori provided me with a number of tangible tools and resources that I use to keep myself on track.-
I have gotten really clear about money. I have put boundaries in place, have reduced my debt significantly, and have converted from being an impulsive spender to a conscious spender.-
I actually charge what I am worth for my business services. This one simple shift has improved my cash flow dramatically and has significantly improved the financial health of my business. -

Professional Certifications: